Beefy Botham's
Online Cricket Club

A place for cricket fans and Botham's audience to meet, interact and socialise about cricket. Get access by owning the Beefy Botham's digital collectibles.


What is a digital collectible?

A digital collectible is a limited or unique copy of a virtual item, which usually comes in the form of artwork. It uses blockchain technology provided by Caduceus that allows users to buy, own, and trade their collectibles.

What is the difference between digital collectibles and NFTs?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a type of technology that exists on the blockchain. Our digital collectables are created using blockchain technology (NFTs). However, our digital collectables come with real products, real use cases and much more!

What can I do with the digital collectibles?

The digital collectibles serve as memberships to an exclusive online cricket club and member benefits. One digital collectible represents one membership card. Each digital collectible is unique and attached with an amazing cool 3D artwork with randomised Bull traits.

We will disclose the member benefits soon.

How many digital collectibles are there?

Our digital collectibles have a limited release. We will disclose it soon.